10 Foods That Americans Can’t Have – Wait…What?!?

By | August 11, 2014

America is known for its freedom and with that comes freedom of food…or so you’d think. In a society where grease, oil, gluten-laden products and sugar are highly abundant, these next 10 food items are surprisingly not up for grabs in the US. Some are actually banned and some just aren’t “available”…whatever that means!

#1. Haggis – Okay, maybe this isn’t something I’d want to eat but this sheep’s stomach concoction also contains sheep’s lungs which is banned


#2. Horse meat – Although horse meat did become legalized in 2011, it is still 100% taboo to eat it

horse meat

#3. Hot Blondie & Hot Brownie – NOT available in America. Whyyyy??

hot blondie at bk

#4. Kinder Eggs: Apparently a “chocking hazard” for kids, this popular-everywhere chocolate egg with toy inside is illegal in the US

kinder eggs

#5. Kit Kat Pops – Again, they look totally delicious but we don’t have them here!

kit kat pops

#6. Mirabelle Plums – French plums that are too delicious to share. Also, because of some sort of import laws, we can’t have them here.

mirabelle plums french plums

#7. Absinthe – Sure you can get Absinthe from the liquor store, but it’s pretty much just green liquor and not the real stuff.


#8. Aero Bars – Available in almost every country except for the US. Again, why?

aero bars

#9. Clam Chowder Doritos – One of Japan’s inventions, but you won’t find them here!

clam chowder doritos

#10. Curly Balls – A peanut butter crisp with the consistency of a Cheeto. Probably not allowed here because the Cheeto Cheetah has too much power over congress.

curly balls

Now why is it that some of these foods are banned? Maybe we’ll never know. In any case, you should definitely share this post so we can all start a riot and bring these foods to ‘murica!