These Are the World’s 10 CRAZIEST Restaurants: Would YOU Dare to Eat There?

By | July 15, 2014

We all love to go out for a nice meal every once in a while; but there’s really nothing crazy about it. Enter these 10 restaurants that will blow your mind. Every single one of these restaurants has something so unique, so crazy…that you can’t help but be a little curious and want to actually venture out and eat there. Some of these places, I’d definitely love to try out but some…not so much.

#1. Opaque Restaurant in Los Angeles

This restaurant does everything in the dark and is not for the faint of heart. You cannot see a thing, and you don’t even know what you’re getting! Everything is based on taste, not looks. The waiters wear special night glasses so they can see.

opaque restaurant in los angeles

#2. Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand

This treehouse restaurant was designed to make diners feel like they’re back in their childhoods again.

yellow treehouse in nz

#3. Devil Island Prison in China

Although this is not an actual prison anymore, Devil’s Island Prison was converted into a restaurant. Diners come in, get their mugshots taken, fingerprinted, and taken away to their seats in handcuffs.

devil island prison in china

#4. Dinner in the Sky

Although this restaurant has no location, you might be able to catch it in big cities like Paris, Brussels, Dubai, and Niagara Falls. A crane lifts this restaurant up to 165 feet off the ground and you get to dine in the clouds. Just make sure to go the bathroom before though, otherwise, all 22 guests will be forced to go down to the ground with you!

dinner in the sky

#5. Fortezza Medicea in Italy

Fortezza Medicea is a prison. Yes, an actually running prison. You sit down and eat in a cafeteria that has been converted into a restaurant. Your waiters? The prisoners. Now THAT is wild!

fortezza medicea in italy

#6. Guolizhuang Restaurant in Beijing

This famous restaurant specializes in something a little unconventional. Genital dishes. That’s right. All dishes here are prepared from the genitals (penis and testicles) of several different animals including horse, ox, donkey, dog, deer, goat, sheep, and snake. Definitely NOT for the faint of heart!

guolizhuang restaurant in beijing

#7. Hadaka Sushi in West Hollywood

A strange tradition that started in Japan, naked sushi has now become popular in several countries. Diners get to enjoy eating sushi off a man or woman (according to their preference). But not to worry, the sushi never actually comes in contact with the model’s skin – everything is placed on a banana leaf.

hadaka sushi west hollywood

#8. Hajime Robot Restaurant in Thailand

This restaurant doesn’t have any real cooks or waiters – everything is controlled by robots. This is the perfect spot for those die hard techy fans. Of course, there are still a couple of real humans controlling everything from behind the scenes and making sure everything goes smoothly.

hajime robot restaurant thailand

#9. Ithaa Underwater Restaurant in Maldives

Now this is a dining experience unlike any other. You get to eat fish with the fish!

ithaa underwater restaurant in maldives

#10. Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan

Have you ever wanted to eat out of a toilet? Of course you have! Modern Toilet does that for you! All their dishes come prepared in mini toilets PLUS you get to sit on a toilet (lid down of course) and you get to drink out of a urinal and/or a bidet!

modern toilet restaurant taiwan

Now if those weren’t the craziest restaurants you’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is!