10 Human Cesspools – Stay Inside Forever or Be Contaminated…Ewwwww

By | July 9, 2014

We know that our population is steadfastly growing, but have you ever thought at what rate? These next places prove to be too damn much for anyone! These locations are literally human cesspools. Being around this many people at the same time really can’t be good for your health. But they, if you’re into that then let me rename this post for you: 10 places you need to visit NOW!

#1. Highway traffic in Cairo, Egypt

highway traffic cairo egypt

#2. Hindu festival in Patna, India

hindu festival patna india

#3. Rememberance Day in London, England

rememberance day in london england

#4. Soccer match in San Lorenzo, Argentina

soccer match san lorenzo argentina

#5. Swimming pool in Sichuan China

swimming pool in sichuan china

#6. Train commute in Depok, Indonesia

train commute in depok indonesia

#7. Beach in Leubeck, Germany

beach in leubeck germany

#8. Beach in Shanong, China

beach in shanong china

#9. Caiquiaohui event in Sichuan, China

caiquiaohui event sichuan china

#10. Catholic mass in Madrid, Spain

catholic mass in madrid spain

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