10 Of the Most Atrocious Fashions That Ever Existed – NSFW

By | August 12, 2014

Fashion can be a bit questionable at times, but for the most part, we just chuck it off as “art. Well these next “fashions” are so horrific, that they can’t even be called art. In fact, this isn’t even fashion: it’s poop!

#1. The Erection Shirt: Hmmm…not quite sure why this even exists. In any case, I wouldn’t wouldn’t recommend wearing that around parental figures.

erection shirt

#2. The Hairy Shirt: Stop wearing animal fur and start wearing human hair?

hairy shirt

#3. The Hoodie Thong: When your head is cold but the rest of your body is sweating.

hood thong

#4. Penis Pants – Might be a little HARD to pull that one off…

penis pants

#5. Prom Dress – I mean, VAGINA prom dress WTF

vagina prom dress

#6. Vulva Necklaces – Girl power yeah!

vuvla necklaces

#7. The Wall Dress – Really shows off your curves

wall dress

#8. Bikini Jeans – Keeping it trashy since 1999

bikini jeans

#9. Chewing Gum Heels – Because I’ve always wanted that “crap, I got gum on my shoes” look.

chewing gum heels

#10. Cinnamonbun Earrings – Nothing says appetizing like ears

cinnamonbun earrings

Seriously thought, what the hell is wrong with people? If you know anyone who owns any of the above items, please share with them!