11 Terrifying Birds That Are Real and Will Kill You

By | August 16, 2014

Birds are supposed to bring us beautiful songs and evoke peace, but these next birds bring nothing but nightmares.

#1. Greater Adjutant: This scavenger bird loves to rummage through garbage dumps and prefers humans and dog faeces.

greater adjutant

#2. Great White Pelican: These birds swallow huge fish and animals whole. It was recently seen catching a pigeon and eating it alive.

great white pelican

#3. Great Gray Shrike: This bird mimics other birds’ songs to lure them in and then kills them for fun, without eating them.

great gray shrike

#4. Antarctic Giant Petrel: This ghastly looking bird weighs up to 18 pounds and has a wing span of 7 feet. It stalks penguin colonies and takes down as many as he can.

antarctic giant petrel

#5. Anhinga: Also known as Snake Birds, these birds rise up from the depths of the water and will kill just about anything.


#6. African Crowned Eagle: Found in East Africa, this bird can often be found taking down large monkeys, and the occasional human child. Believe it or not, they’ve also been found to kill antelope.

african crowned eagle

#7. Vulturine Guinea Fowl: These highly aggressive, sharp beaked ground stalkers hunt in groups, and unusually for a relative of chickens, capture and kill small mammals.

vulturine guinea fowl

#8. Vampire Finch: This vampiric bird will suck the blood out of its victims and will suck them dry. Eww.

vampire finch

#9. Marabou Stork: Standing up to 5 feet, with a wingspan reported to extend over 10 feet, this stork often kills children who wander too close and are called the undertaker of the bird world due to their ghastly appearance.

marabou stork

#10. Hood Mockingbird: Found on the Galapagos Islands, these birds have conquered the lack of food sources on the island by learning to drink the blood of young seabirds while they sit in their nests. Oddly enough, they typically leave the “victim” alive, to one day feast on more blood.

hood mockingbird

#11. Greater Honeyguide: This chick is hatched along with several brothers and sisters. Each comes with a razor sharp beak that won’t dull until adulthood. Why does it stick around during its youth? Because this chick will eat its siblings until only one survives.

greater honeyguide

If this doesn’t haunt your dreams, I don’t know what will. So gross. Share these horrific birds with others!