12 Animal Hybrids That You Won’t Believe Exist…But They Do

By | August 14, 2014

Animal hybrids have been a favorite of all things science fiction, but not anymore. These animal hybrids are 100% real. Although some of them are cute, others are a little creepy looking. Who even knew that these animal hybrids actually existed?!? We sure didn’t – we’re just as shocked as you are! Take the first hybrid animal for instance…the leopon (half leopard, half lion)….we’re heard of the liger, but the leopon? We hope that people aren’t continuing to cross-breed animals because let’s face it – it’s dangerous and downright unnatural! It’s true, some of these ARE super cute, but imagine the repercussions that cross-breeding some of these animals could entail? Where will it end?

As you can see, some of these photographs are a little older, so we hope that this isn’t even legal anymore, but hey it’s all “in the name of science!’.

12 Animal Hybrids

#1. The Leopon – Half leopard, half lion

The leopon, half leopard and half lion is a beautiful beast that is extremely fast and strong!

half leopard half lion

#2. The Liger – Half lion, half tiger

The liger, half lion and half tiger is a super powerful animal that combines the strength of a lion and the speed of a tiger!

half lion half tiger

#3. The Savannah Cat – A cross between a domesticated cat and an African cat called “Serval”

This super cute “kitten” can still cuddle with you, but it can also outrun you!

savannah cat domesticated cat and african cat called serval

#4. The Sheep Goat – Half sheep, half goat

The sheep goat, half sheep and half goat can climb the highest mountains all while keeping nice and warm!

half sheep half goat

#5. The Sheep Pig – Although it looks like half sheep, half pig, it is a cross between a pig and a super rare pig called a Lincolnshire curly coat.

Who wouldn’t want to cuddle with this sheep pig? Just look at it! Is it a pig? Is it a sheep? It’s just crazy!

half sheep half pig

#6. The Wolf Dog – Half wolf, half dog

Looking more like a wolf, the wolf dog is still an undomesticated animal.

half dog half wolf

#7. The Wolphin – Half whale, half dolphin

Half whale and half dolphin, this hybrid is a very interesting one! It’s got the size and the brains too!

half whale half dolphin

#8. The Zonkey – Half zebra, half donkey

The wonderful zonkey has only kept its stripes on its hind legs!

half zebra half donkey

#9. The Beefalo – Half buffalo, half beef cow

Half buffalo and half cow, this giant animal will come charging at you!

half buffalo half cow

#10. The Cama – Half camel, half llama

Half camel half lama, the cama just looks like a regular animal!

half camel half lama

#11. The Grolar – Half grizzly bear, half polar bear

This bear will seriously rip you to shreds!

half grizzly bear half polar bear

#12. The Iron Age Pig – Half pig, half board

Would you want this thing running after you? I think not!

iron age pig , half pig half boar

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