12 Facebook DONTS! These People Are Seriously Deranged…Especially #9 Hahaha

By | June 30, 2014

Facebook is a place for people to interact with one another, occasionally share their thoughts, and of course share some super weird things that shouldn’t even be shared. Well these next people are participated in the latter (sharing some really weird things). If you could learn anything from this, it’s that sometimes it’s better to keep some things to yourself.

#1. DON’T complain about your car…it was free!

non american car

#2. DON’T share your disgusting health problems – seriously thought WTF?!?

peeing blood

#3. Perverts…perverts everywhere


#4. Also DON’T reveal your friends’ secrets – although I believe this one was done on purpose!

pregnancy secret

#5. DON’T tell the whole world that you’re skipping school

skipping school

#6. DON’T be a dumbass

spelling fail

#7. LEARN how to properly use Facebook

this isn't your son

#8. DON’T talk about your trannys…unless your’re into that


#9. DON’T complain about your boss on Facebook – especially if you have him as a friend!

boss on fb

#10. DON’T use Facebook if you don’t know how to send a private message!

dont know how to send pm

#11. DON’T use Facebook if you might be the stupidest person alive

dumbest person alive

#12. DON’T be an insensitive prick in public

insensitive prick

Now THIS is something you could definitely share on FB 🙂