Think Churches All Look the Same? Think Again. 14 of the Strangest Churches From Around the World

By | September 15, 2014

These churches are the weirdest you’ve ever seen.

#1. Salt Cathedral, Zipaquira, Colombia

salt cathedral zipaquira colombia

#2. Snow Church, Mitterfirmiansreut, Germany

snow church mitterfirmiansreut germany

#3. St. Gildas Bieuzy Les Eaux, Brittany, France

st gildas bieuzy-les-eaux brittany france

#4. St. Vladimir, Volgograd, Russia

st vladimir volgograd russia

#5. Abondantus Gigantus The Lego Church, Enschende, Netherlands – Okay, so not an actual church, but still cool!

abondantus gigantus the lego church enschende netherland

#6. Biete Ghiorgis, Lalibela, Ethiopia

biete ghiorgis, lalibela ethiopia

#7. Christchurch Transitional Cathedral, New Zealand

christchurch transitional cathedral new zealand

#8. Church of Our Saviour, New York City

church of our saviour nyc

#9. Cross Island Chapel, Oneida, New York

cross island chapel oneida new york

#10. Dog Chapel Saint Johnsbury, Vermont, USA

dog chapel saint johnsbury vermont us

#11. Hopperstad Stave Church, Norway

hopperstad stave church, norway

#12. Inflatable Church, Surrey, England

inflatable church surrey england

#13. Katkshi Pillar Church, Chiatura, Georgia

katskhi pillar church chiatura georia

#14. Ruperstrian Churches of Matera, Italy

rupestrian churches of matera italy

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