15 of the Most Perfect, Destined Encounters Ever…This Was Meant to Be

By | August 14, 2014

Sometimes the stars align just perfectly, and that’s when things happen that we wouldn’t even dream of. Is this fate, or just pure coincidence? You be the judge!

#1. It’s a dream come true for this girl!

andrew scott

#2. Bill frikken Murray

bill murray

#3. Oh god the horror!!!


#4. What are the chances?!?

foo fighters

#5. Heisenberg chance encounter


#6. You took it too far there bud!


#7. He knows that guy’s making fun of him, right?

justin bieber

#8. These random people were all wearing matching shirts!

matching shirts

#9. Some more random matching shirts!

matching shirts2

#10. And…random matching tattoos!

matching tattoos

#11. Look! It’s Sharon Stone!

sharon stone

#12. Now THIS was meant to be!

steven spielberg

#13. Taco bros!

taco bros

#14. The dude!

the dude

#15. Uhm…why is it that you have a Twinkie tattoo, sir?


Whether this was fate or not, these people really did have a great day! Share with others 🙂