EXTREME Food and Eating – Top 16…These People Took Eating to a Whole New Meaning!

By | July 3, 2014

We all know not to ever go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, right? Well these people clearly did NOT know that as it looks like they might have bought the entire store! Check out these 16 insane, over-the-top foods and eats that you simply won’t believe!

#1. This GIANT pizza!

giant pizza

#2. This GIANT Toblerone bar

giant toblerone

#3. Instant taco bag anyone?

instant taco bag

#4. Jumbo bag of cheetos!!

jumbo cheetos

#5. Kinder Bueno ice cream?! Sign.Me.UP

kinder bueno ice cream

#6. Big box of McNuggets..om nom nom


#7. Pizza bath anyone?

pizza bath

#8. Or pizza fries? Yes…I think I’ll take this one instead

pizza fries

#9. A 50lb bag of Lucky Charms marshmallows. OMG!!

50lb bag of lucky charms

#10. Giant bottle of Belvedere vodka

belvedere vodka

#11. Cinnabon Waffles – yes please!

cinnabon waffles

#12. Uhm…dashboard cookies anyone?

dashboard cookies

#13. How about a Dorito bath?

doritos bath

#14. Freeze pops – good till next summer!

freeze pops

#15. Gimme NOW

fries table

#16. Also, give me this too!

giant nutella

Now that you’re probably starving, why not go and give yourself a Dorito bath and share this too while you’re at it 🙂