16 Very Badly Placed, but Hysterical Advertisements

By | March 12, 2014

We seem to have become more and more immune to advertisements. They are all around us, every hour of ever day, and frankly, don’t do much for us (at least not consciously!). But once in a while, there are those ads that make you do a double take: and NOT because it’s good. Check out these 16 incredibly hilarious bad ad placements that will make you fall over with joy!

#1. Let’s see who can get more likes…Jesus or Kite Kat?

jesus and kitty











#2. Excellent placement…NOT

gun show ad













#3. Let me just open the door and…oh

cab ad















#4.Who are we kidding? The one on the right looks way more delicious!

burger king ad










#5. That’s a nice set of wheels you got there!

bad wheel placement














#6. “We’ll fly you straight into the ground!”

airline ad











#7. Your daddy is at a gentlemen’s club of course!

where's daddy ad













#8. Just no words for this one…priceless!

underwear bus ad












#9. How clever!

starbucks van






















#10. Welcome to Shell Hell!

shell station


















#11. Interesting placement here…

proud american ad










#12. Mmm..garbage

nestle ad















#13. Sure it was an accident!

marital separation ad



















#14. How insensitive!

magazine ad2












#15. That’s a nasty cold!

magazine ad

























#16. Such a handsome fella!

les miserables ad

















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