17 Brilliant Breakfast Inventions That Will Redefine The Way You Live

By | May 21, 2014

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and these inventions are JUST the thing you need to make your mornings spectacular!

#1. Waffle pops? Yes please!

waffle pops

#2. Easy bacon and eggs in the microwave!

bacon and eggs microwave

#3. Bacon bowl? Yes!

bacon bowl

#4. Bacon. Syrup. Mug. Enough said.

bacon syrup mug

#5. All-in-one breakfast.

breakfast all in one

#6. Easy breakfast sandwich maker

breakfast sandwich maker

#7. Breakfast sandwiches

breakfast sanwiches

#8. Bubble waffles…the thing of the future!

bubble waffles

#9. Coffee, toast, and phone charger – why not?

coffee toast and usb charger

#10. Egg popsicle maker? Maybe not for me.

egg popsicle maker

#11. Egg shaper

egg shaper

#12. Emoticon pan

emoticon pan

#13. Why not make your own greek yogurt??

greek yogurt maker

#14. No-flip omelettes

noflip omelettes

#15. Secret warming drawer

secret warming drawer

#16. The much-needed waffle maker

waffle iron

#17. Waffle or omelette? Why not both!

waffle omelette or both

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