17 Food Facts That Will Stun You: Bet you Didn’t Know Most of These!

By | March 11, 2014

Check out these 17 fun food facts that will leave you stunned!

#1. German Chocolate Cake has actually nothing to do with Germany…it was just invented by a guy whose last named happened to be ‘German’.

german chocolate cakes













#2. Fruit Loops all have the same flavor and taste…regardless of the color

fruit loops













#3. Double dipping doesn’t actually spread any more germs than single dipping

double dipping











#4.The serving size for Doritos is only 11 chips!














#5. That discontinued Oreo cereal you love? It’s still there…only in Korea















dicontinued oreos














#6. Fun fact: carrots don’t actually improve your eye sight

























#7. Cap’n Crunch is not actually a Captain, but a Commander!













#8. Baby carrots are just regular sized carrots that are cut up!

baby carrots












#9. The five-second rule is actually BS. Five seconds is more than enough time for germs to find their way right onto your food!

5 second rule















#10. Contrary to popular belief, Twinkies DON’T last forever. They are only good for about 45 days.













#11. Subway’s footlongs were always 11 inches long until people started measuring them catching them in their lie!












#12. Did you know that peanuts are actually legumes and not nuts?














#13. Double-Stuff Oreos only contain about 1.86 times of the “stuff”.












#14. Did you know? Not ALL oranges are orange!













#15. And this is what the inside of your Cup of Noodles looks like!
























#16. Grape Nuts don’t actually have any grapes or nuts in them. WTF?!?

grape nuts











#17. Did you know that Girl Scout Cookies are actually made by two bakeries? True story bro!

girl scout cookies