These 17 Inventions Prove That The Future Really is NOW!

By | June 7, 2014

Some of the things in this list we know about, and we’ve gotten used to them. But we never actually stop to think how amazing they really are. Other things on this list…I didn’t even know existed!

#1. Smart Dictionary

smart dictionary

#2. The smartphone…what a breakthrough!


#3. Digital menu

table menu

#4. Tesla driving display

tesla driving display

#5. The world’s first virtual reality store has opened in S. Korea. All the walls are actually touchscreens. You simply tap what you want, and it’ll be waiting for you at the exit.

virtual store

#6. 3D metal printing

3d metal printing

#7. 3D printed souvenirs

3d printed souvenirs

#8. Camera eye

camera eye

#9. Digital library

digital library

#10. Door lock

door lock

#11. The cast of the future

future cast

#12. Fridge of the future

future fridge

#13. Google fiber = super high download speeds

google fiber high speeds

#14. Iron man suits?

iron man suit

#15. Moving trash can

moving trash can

#16. Bendable phone screen

phone screen

#17. And of course…the self driving Google car

self driving car

The future really IS here so please share with others 🙂