Here Are 17 Times Movie Theatres Really Messed Up Their Signs

By | August 9, 2014

These movie theatre signs are so beyond ridiculous and inappropriate that they’re actually hilarious.

#1. They’re doing WHAT?!

spy kids blow pokemon

#2. Spy kids…really??

spy kids blow corc dundee

#3. Well that’s quite the news story we’ll have

seven showgirls to die for halloween

#4. But..why??

pirates knocked up shrek

#5. Very inappropriate Mr. Brooks!

mr brooks knocked up nancy drew

#6. I guess that’s historically accurate

lincoln bullet to the head

#7. How is that even possible? It’s NOT!

knocked up nightly

#8. Well now I’m just confused

harry potter knocked up evan almighty

#9. Poor Nancy Drew..she’s at 5 now!

fantastic 4 knocked up nancy drew

#10. WTF

blow the mexican croc dundee

#11. I highly doubt Julia Roberts would play in such a movie!

erin brokowich screwed my dog

#12. You leave that penguin alone! He’s saving himself for someone special!

40 yr old virgin penguin

#13. Oh…okay then

vampires suck other guys

#14. I guess that would be kinda interesting to watch

transformers sex tape

#15. Well which is it?! Make up your minds already!

there will be blood maybe

#16. Whoops!

the dark cock

#17. Yes, yes, and yes! Everyone should follow these words!

suckerpunch just bieber

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