17 Things That Will Drive Any Person Suffering From OCD INSANE

By | January 5, 2015

So if any of these things bother you…you have OCD 🙂

This would drive me nuts!

this would drive me nuts

Useless pop can!

useless pop can

Why Newtons, why??

why newtons why



You had ONE job!

you had one job

Apartment complex from hell

apartment complex from hell

Can’t be unseen

can't be unseen

Dear God, why!

dear god why

NBD! Ahhhh!!!!

dishwasher wont fit

Dysfunctional tap

dysfunctional tap

Guess what’s NOT supposed to be in there?

guess what's not supossed to be there

Make up your minds already!

make up your minds

Monk himself would go insane

monk himself would go insane

Seriously?!? Now I have to move!

one red tile



So gross!

so gross

That R though…

that r though

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