17 Scariest-Looking, Toe-Curling Creatures You’ve Ever Seen

By | March 26, 2014

There is no doubt that the Earth is filled with peculiar looking creatures that look like they might have come from somewhere else. But be warned, these next 17 animals are so strange you’d think you were looking at photo shopped pictures.

#1. The Aye-Aye

Although strange looking, the aye-aye comes from the lemur family and is actually pretty harmless

aye aye













#2. The Wrinkled Bat

Nothing to see here just your regular bat that never got ironed out!

wrinkled bat













#3. Wolf Fish

Is it a wolf or is it a fish? It’s both – stay away!

wolf fish











#4. Tube-nosed Fruit Bat

It’s a bat. It enjoys fruit. It has a weird nose. End of story.

tube-nosed fruit bat










#5. Trogloraptor spider

With a prehistoric name like that, you’re bound to keep your distance!

trogloraptor spider










#6. Star-nosed Mole

Often misunderstood, the mole rat, although ugly, just needs a friend.

star nosed mole










#7. The Shoebill

Just a super large, pelican-like bird…that probably lived amongst dinosaurs. NBD!















#8. The Poodle Moth

Half moth half poodle? Kinda looks like a Furby – yikes!

poodle moth














#9. The Panda Ant

Aww look how cute it’s a pan…NOPE

panda ant


#10. The Naked Mole Rat

Mr. Mole have you no shame? Put some clothes on!

naked mole rat






#11. The Lesula

No. You can never unsee this. It’s a type of monkey…with human eyes

lesula monkey















#12. The Giant Coconut Crab

Now picture this crab…in your bed!

giant coconut crab


#13. Gerenuk

A type of antelope. And no, this isn’t photo-shopped.























#14. The Frilled Shark

No thank you!

frilled shark










#15. Cthulhu Larva

Probably the grossest thing you’ll see all day.

cthulhu larva










#16. The Cassowary

The second-heaviest living bird…not so scary, just strange looking














#17. The Blobfish

I know you wanna cuddle with it…don’t lie!












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