17 Sexist Ads From the 50s That Will SHOCK AND APPAL YOU

By | March 10, 2014

Those days are long gone, but can you imagine what these women must have went through? These ads are enough to make any modern-day woman go wtf?!?

#1. Yeah…what a drag – let’s just let her fall to her death!























#2. Because even at bridal showers, the man is still #1!

sexist thermometer ad




















#3. Torture yourselves – just for your man!

sexist phone ad





















#4. What projector…?




























#5. It’s all about pleasing your man after all – screw your wedding night!

sexist dishes ad




















#6. So what if you’re sick – get back in the kitchen woman!

sexist drug ad

























#7.  Teaching girls how to keep their physique since 1949!























#8.  IF you had better cookware…you’d have a man in your life!























#9. No words for this one.
























#10. Good one Chevy!

sexist chevy ad





















#11. Well…at least he’s not spanking her!




















#12. No, she doesn’t care – she’s just an object!























#13. Because you wouldn’t want to disappoint your male boss and possibly get fired!























#14.  Wear these shirts and you can beat your woman up – charge free!

sexist van heusen ad






















#15. God forbid you have morning breath!

sexist vintage ad






















#16. After you take care of that morning breath, make sure you restrict your breathing!





































#17. Yes…this tie DOES make me want to be your servant!








































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