Here Are 18 People Who Did Bad Things…Then Paid for Them

By | June 2, 2014

People don’t seem to learn their lesson until something bad happens. Take these people for example! They thought they were doing something cool, but all hell broke loose.

#1. Oh darn! You were supposed to use the LOW setting!

microwave phone

#2. Watch out kids! THIS is what happens when you don’t return your library books!

overdue library book

#3. Karma…she is so sweet

sign attack

#4. Again, karma seems to be really dominating here

soccer kick

#5. Do NOT play with the squirrels! Enjoy your rabies!

squirrel bite

#6. This never seemed like a good idea

swing fail

#7. Revenge of the trash can

trash can revenge

#8. Why would you think this was a good idea?

water rocket

#9. Adults + swing set = NO

adult swing set

#10. Hey, YOU called it!

car crash

#11. No, really, your dress is beautiful!

china dress

#12. You’re not the brighest

credit card frau

#13. Extreme slide!

danger slide

#14. The snow WILL swallow you whole!

falling through snow

#15. Weeeeeee

floor polish

#16. Congratulations on your big fall!

graduation fall

#17. And what exactly did you think was going to happen??

gum explosion

#18. Never go into a locker

locker girl

Because this will happen

locker girl2

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