Here Are 18 Times Teamwork Proved to Be Sooo Effective

By | July 6, 2014

There is no I in team, right? These peeps prove it 100%! Watch as people, dogs, and cats all collaborate together to form the ultimate team! These guys bond so well, they might as well make a profession of it!

#1. When these kids became a door

these kids became a door

#2. When thirst became #1 priority… and anything would be done to quench it

thirsty girl standing on another girl

#3. When workers worked together

when workers work together

#4. When a fan and a wrestler fed off of each other

wrestler and fan

#5. Cat burglary teamwork

cat burglary teamwork

#6. When this cat duo rocked the house

cat piano band

#7. When mama cat got the ball for kitty kat

cat retracts ball for other cat

#8. When two species became best friends due to thirst

cat wanted water dog backed her up

#9. When corgis decided that EVERYONE gets to carry the stick

corgis carrying stick together

#10. When this little girl decided to be a big help

dont worry dad i got u covered

#11. When you really want to play that game…nothing can stop you

game display 2 girls

#12. When you’re really hungry…nothing can stop you

getting in fridge kids teamwork

#13. When this group worked together to form a beautiful shadow word

group discovered shadows

#14. When you don’t have a chair…at least you have a friend

kids made a kid chair

#15. Heigh will not stop me!

little boy baskteball

#16. Pit crew teamwork

pit crew teamwork

#17. This brilliant display of teamwork

pool game basketball

#18. If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours!

scratch team dog and boy

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