18 Life Hacks that Will Simplify Your Life – #18 Might Even CHANGE Your Life!

By | March 10, 2014

There is so much good information out there – things we would have never thought of that could make our lives a little easier. These next 18 “life hacks” have been tested and proved by millions of people who, just like you, just ain’t got time for that!

#1. How to Tell When an Avocado is Ready to be Consumed

ripe avocado


































#2. Simple enough!

removing strawberry stems





















#3. Place your phone in a cup for a louder effect.

phone speaker























#4. The Easiest Way to Light a Candle!

light candles























#5. I think you’d have to be lending quite a bit of stuff for this, but still useful!

lending trick






















#6. Use a piece of duct tape to open up a jar!

jar opener








#7. How to Get Ice Cold Water

ice cold water













#8. How to Heat Up Leftovers

heating leftovers













#9. Get Rid of Nasty Garbage Odours

garbage trick











#10. Make more space in your microwave!

fit more in the microwave













#11. Great Little Trick to Help You Find Small, Lost Items

find lost earrings













#12. I Always do This and it Works Perfectly!

boiling pot













#13. Healthier than Coffee too!

apple instead of coffee
















#14. Brilliant!

toasted bread














#15. Perfect for Those Who Don’t Have a Steamer!

stove as a steamer























#16. Now THIS is How You Separate Egg Yolks!

separate egg yolks







#17. Wake up Call!

phone alarm













#18. Absolutely disgusting – but it works! Makes you think twice before putting it in your body, no?

cleaning your toilet with coke