18 of the Weirdest Things That People Brought on a Plane – WTF Were They Thinking?!?

By | August 13, 2014

Ok people, it’s not rocket science to know what you’re allowed to bring on a plane and what you’re not. Even if it’s a joke, the TSA takes everything seriously so take your clownishness elsewhere. These 18 people were so stupid for even thinking they could get away with this it just blows my mind!

#1. A knife comb – stabbin’ and stylin’ all in one!

knife comb

#2. Knife blades…ya know just in case I loose my other knife blades

knife blades

#3. Hmmm…I had no idea Apple made these kinds of iPhones

iphone knife

#4. A homemade bomb – what a great idea, the TSA will have such a laugh!

homemade bomb

#5. A gun, really???


#6. Hey if you’re gonna bring your pipe on the plane might as well make it a grenade pipe – go all in!

grenade pipe

#7. Firecrackers are STILL explosives…especially on a plane


#8. Haha look guys I’m bringing a fake bomb watch on the plane!

fake watch bomb

#9. Hey wait…those aren’t fancy herbs!


#10. He was just going to a Western expo…what’s the big deal??

cannonball and pistol

#11. Bear mace – if snakes can get on planes then so can bears!

bear mace

#12. Batarangs – I don’t even…


#13. Not unless you’re Mulan!


#14. Femme fatale!

secret lipstick

#15. Someone actually hid this in their luggage


#16. Ninja stars? Who still uses these?!?

ninja star

#17. A knife pen…for when you can’t decide whether you want to write or stab someone

knife pen

#18. A knife key…in case your knife pen just won’t do it

knife key

I hope we’ve all learned a valuable lesson today…if it looks weird, don’t bring it on a plane! Don’t forget to share with your friends 🙂