18 Wild Photographs That Will Make You Do a Double Take

By | March 10, 2014

None of the photographs that you are about to view have been altered in any way – it’s a simple angle illusion that will definitely make you do a double take!

#1. This guy riding that woman.

man riding woman















#2. These little bridesmaids.

little people bridesmaids














#3. This giant baby…scary!

huge leg baby
























#4. This headless hockey player.

headless hockey player













#5.  This headless customer

headless customer















#6. Umm…m’am, you’re missing your neck!

head displacement














#7. This hairy armed girl.

hairy arm girl
















#8. This hair snorting girl.

hair snorting















#9. This smooth legged guy.

girly legs guy





























#10. This kid with a giant hand.

giant hand kid




















#11. These disproportioned gentlemen.

giant guy little person













#12. This boy with the giant head.

giant boy





















#13. This lady with a foot for a hand.

foot hand woman














#14. This amazing floating platform. Pure sorcery!

floating platform













#15. This well dressed dog riding the subway.

dog rides subway





















#16. This reporter carrying a machine gun.

dangerous reporter













#17. This ugly baby.

adult face baby




















#18. And lastly, this disproportioned young man.

tiny head man