Here Are 19 Reasons Why You Should Never Leave Your Desk Unattended

By | August 20, 2014

Instead of working, these employees decided to prank their co-workers in the worst way possible. Goes to show you can’t trust anyone and that you should never leave your desk unattended. Hmmm…I don’t even think it was April fool’s!

#1. Upon returning to your desk, you’ll notice that it has been invested with mice

mice office

#2. People WILL inundate your office with popcorn…but no butter!

popcorn office

#3. They’ll leave you billions of post-its…with nothing on them!

postit office

#4. You’ll end up with a toilet for a chair

toilet chair

#5. Basically, your office will get trashed if left unattended

trashed office

#6. You had a Twinkie at the office JUST ONCE and look what happened!

twinkies office

#7. And this isn’t what you meant when you said you loved the feeling of “unwrapping presents”

wrapped desk

#8. Leave for a minute, and you get a ball pit!

ball pit

#9. But…it’s not your birthday

balloons office

#10. This is when you know that someone in the office really, really hates you

bear in cubicle

#11. And now you’re getting trolled

been trolled

#12. They know you HATE Bieber…but that’s what happens when you step away

bieber office

#13. All you said was that you could do with a little less technology

cardboard office

#14. And that’s not what you meant when you said you wanted fresh herbs

chia keyboard

#15. Who doesn’t love Chinese food? But this is ridiculous!


#16. And when you leave your office unattended, you’ll come back to cupfuls of this blue stuff

cups of blue stuff

#17. Also stacked cups

cups office

#18. No no no! You were out sick for ONE day!

david hasslehoff

#19. And who’s gonna mow that, hmm?

grassy desk

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