1970s America: Photographs of the Decade’s Crisis. A Story Through Images

By | September 18, 2014

As the 1960s came to an end, the fast development of the American postwar decades began to take a heavy toll on the environment, and the public called for action. In November 1971, the newly created Environmental Protection Agency announced a massive photo documentary project, called DOCUMERICA, to record the adverse effects of modern life on the environment. More than 100 photographers were hired not only to document specific issues, but to capture images showing how we interacted with the environment. By 1974, more than 80,000 photographs had been produced. These are just 46 of them.

70s america46

70s america45

70s america44

70s america43

70s america42

70s america41

70s america40

70s america39

70s america38

70s america37

70s america36

70s america35

70s america34

70s america33

70s america32

70s america31

70s america30

70s america29

70s america28

70s america27

70s america26

70s america25

70s america24

70s america23

70s america22

70s america21

70s america20

70s america19

70s america18

70s america17

70s america16

70s america15

70s america14

70s america13

70s america12

70s america11

70s america10

70s america9

70s america8

70s america7

70s america6

70s america5

70s america4

70s america3

70s america2

70s america

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