I Have Dumb Moments Too…But THESE 20 People Are Something Else! #3 Especially

By | July 10, 2014

These next people that you’re about to see are so damn clueless you’ll be shocked! I don’t know whether they left their thinking caps at home or if they never even had one to begin with, but one thing’s for sure: this is good for a laugh!

#1. This lady who clearly doesn’t know how to use the equipment

workout lady

#2. This church who apparently didn’t have any young members to tell them what WTF stands for

wtf church

#3. This dumb girl who has no idea who Kurt Kobain or Billy Ray Cyrus are

billy ray cyrus

#4. This guy!

cant snort weed

#5. This children’s site

childrens site

#6. This extremely clueless dad and husband

clueless dad and husband

#7. This clueless mom

clueless mom

#8. This commenter who just didn’t get it

commenter who didnt get it

#9. This poor guy who had no idea what was happening to him

delete contact

#10. This extra sweeping air

extra sweeping air

#11. Gary Busey on a normal day

gary busey normal day

#12. This gullible girl

gullible girl

#13. This mom who clearly doesn’t know what a BJ is

lady bj

#14. This TV station that messed up the country flags

messed up flags

#15. Uhm…Mr. 305, is that you?

mr 305

#16. This lady with the oddly placed balloons

oddly placed balloons

#17. This clueless teacher

penis hats

#18. This insane person

squirrel weapon

#19. This guy on the cheer squad

the only guy on the cheer squad


the only guy on the cheer squad2

#20. This cat and his bored owner

this cat and his owner

So whether you’re clueless or not, please share with others so that they too, can get a good laugh 🙂