20 Hilarious Animal Selfies That Will Make Your Day!

By | January 20, 2017

The art of taking selfies no longer applies to just humans – animals are in on it too now! Check out these photos below of some of the world’s best and most hilarious selfies! These animals are putting their faces right into the camera, taking amazing selfies and beating us at it too! Let’s be honest here, most of these animal selfies look way better than ours! Lately, there’s been a new “technology” called camera trapping, where a camera device is set up, so that when an animal approaches it or touches it, it will automatically snap a picture. Thankfully, this new technology is leaving us with some uber adorable pictures of our favorite animals!

20 Hilarious Animal Selfies That Will Make Your Day!

#1. Thug Life!

animal selfies

#2. A Macaque Stole The Camera and Took a Pic of Herself!

animal selfies2

#3. Same Cat, Different Gang!

animal selfies3

#4. Slefieeee

animal selfies4

#5. “I look so pretty!”

animal selfies5

#6. “Me and my kangaroo”

animal selfies6

#7. Husky Selfie

animal selfies7

#8. Lion and the Gang

animal selfies8

#9. Euphoric Selfie

animal selfies9

#10. Posing

animal selfies10

#11. “Smile Girls!”

animal selfies11

#12. First Family Picture

animal selfies12

#13. Silly Selfie!

animal selfies13

#14. Scary Selfie

animal selfies14

#15. Derpy Selfie

animal selfies15

#16. Bestieeesss

animal selfies16

#17. Cool as a Cat

animal selfies17

#18. Make a Face!

animal selfies18

#19. Silly Bunny

animal selfies19

#20. Sleepy Selfie

animal selfies20

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Image Sources: Boredpanda