20 of the Worst Kitchen Fails Ever

By | February 8, 2017

Ladies and gents, here are 20 of the worst kitchen fails ever! Are you a horror show in the kitchen? Does baking just not agree with you? Well you’re in luck, because these kitchen fails might just make you feel a little bit better! Whether you’ve had a kitchen disaster or not, these people are proving to all of us that there’s always someone worse out there! Some of these kitchen fails are just downright nightmarish, while others are just head scratchers, as in “what were you thinking” and “this person should never be allowed in the kitchen!”.  We’ll also be seeing a lot of Pinterest kitchen fails (who doesn’t love a good Pinterest fail after all?) which are truly the epitome of fails.

So whether you’re horrible in the kitchen or not, these kitchen fails will totally make your day!

20 of the Worst Kitchen Fails Ever

#1. This person made a cake for her daughter’s birthday. The cake was so ugly, one o the kids started crying. True story!

porcupine cake fail

#2. The world’s nastiest looking bread

barfing bread fail

#3. What exactly is this even supposed to be???

peep bread fail

#4. Did somebody order the alien eggs?

alien eggs

#5. The revenge of the pressure cooker

pressure cooker kitchen fail

#6. “I forgot I was making caramel at work…I think it may be a tad burnt.”

caramel kitchen disaster

#7. Can’t seem to find my glasses anywhere!

glasses in bread

#8. Nightmare monkey cake

monkey cake fail

#9. A wife came home to this!

burnt kitchen cutting board

#10. The quickest way to burn 2,000 calories!

pizza fail

#11. Not an appropriate school snack!

chocolate covered bananas fail

#12. Human=0, Cat=1

kitchen spill disaster

#13. Brownie in a cut looks great!

exploded brownie

#14. Tales of a drunk person

burnt food

#15. Snowman cookie fail

snowman cookie fail

#16. Perhaps a kitchen explosion…totally normal

kitchen mishap

#17. Meatloaf baby…the stuff of nightmares

meatloaf baby

#18. Fairy pancake fail

fairy pancake fail

#19. Hell NO!

baked bunny fail

#20. Nuclear Bomb Pizza

nuclear bomb pizza

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