These 20 Plants Will Give You Nightmares – Why Do These Even Exist?!?

By | August 14, 2014

The word plant doesn’t evoke scary thoughts, but when you look at THESE plants…you’ll have nightmares guaranteed. Some of these plants can be dangerous, but most of them are harmless. Nonetheless, I still wouldn’t want to get anywhere close to these things!

#1. The Laughing Face Orchid – don’t worry we’re starting off slow here so you don’t get spooked!

laughing face orchid

#2. Lithops – not something I’d want to “hop” on


#3. Octopus Stinkhorn – well with a name like that!

octopus stinkhorn

#4. Rafflesia Arnoldii AKA the world’s largest flower – there’s something unsettling about this one

rafflesia arnoldii the world's largest flower

#5. Red Cage Fungus – ewww just ewww

red cage fungus

#6. Spider Orchid – for the spider and orchid lover

spider orchid

#7. Strangler Fig – just walk away very slowly and it won’t strangle you

strangler fig

#8. Welwitschia Mirabilis – no thank you

welwitschia mirabilis

#9. Amorphophallus Titanum AKA corpse flower – not liking this one either

amorphophallus titanum corpse flower

#10. Black Bat Flower – so gross

black bat flower

#11. Bleeding Tooth Fungus – WTF!!!

bleeding tooth fungus

#12. Burdetts Banksia – nope, just nope

burdetts banksia

#13. Chinese Lantern – what the hell? I thought those were man made!

chinese lantern

#14. Coral Fungi – I guess this one looks kinda cool…

coral fungi

#15. Crested Madagascan Palm – I wouldn’t touch this one

crested madagascan palm

#16. Doll’s Eye – What a wonderful name!

dolls eye

#17. Dracula Orchid – nooooooo

dracula orchid

#18. Dutchman’s Pipe – Looks more like ball sacks to me

dutchmans pipe

#19. Grinning Monkey Orchids – Okay seriously, what’s up with all these freaky orchids?

grinning monkey orchids

#20. Hydnora Africana – no no no

hydnora africana

I would seriously advise staying away from these plants! Share with others so that they may know the perils of these things!