20 of The WORST DIY Repairs – These People Were Seriously Derranged

By | July 16, 2014

You have to admire the fact that people TRY to fix things themselves before calling a professional, but sometimes, that doesn’t always work out too well. Take these people for example. Maybe they didn’t have money to get their stuff fixed, or maybe they just tried to be the handyman for the day. Whatever the reason, these DIY fixes are just THE WORST I have EVER seen…and they make me shutter. So what do you think? Could YOU do a better job?

#1. Pringles – not only for eating!

pringles car parts

#2. What the hell is the toilet sitting on I wonder?

sink on stool

#3. Uhmm..is that a plane wheel?

small car wheel

#4. Great fix!

tapped up gas tank

#5. I’m sure that’ll hold up in the dishwasher – no problem!

tapped up plate

#6. THAT’s where my mirror went!

vanity mirror on car mirror

#7. Wow…water bottles have soo many uses, who knew?

water bottle chair

#8. It lends the bus a classy look, doesn’t it?

wooden doors on bus

#9. Worst. Stairs. Ever.

bad stairs

#10. How am I supposed to get in there?

bad toilet

#11. Where’s the stop button??

bike controller

#12. Have a beer AND open your car door all in one!

bottle opener car handle

#13. Whatever happened to German engineering?

broom for windshield wipers

#14. And people said zip ties weren’t classy…

car zip tied

#15. No…this isn’t ghetto at all!

chair swing

#16. I see Coke now makes mufflers!

coke can muffler

#17. That is a door. And that is a knob. Therefore, door knob – it fits!

doorknob car door

#18. You drew on a door handle?? YOU DREW IT ON!?!

drawn on door handle

#19. Keeping it classy

flashlight for headlight

#20. Ok…wtf is going on here?

pot sitting on boot

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