21 Photos That You Won’t Believe Weren’t Photoshopped!

By | April 12, 2014

It’s really amazing what you can do with a camera and perfect timing. These next pictures will leave you stunned…and none of them were altered in any way!

#1. No, this guy isn’t Jesus – this photo was just perfectly timed!

walking on water

#2. Meet Venus. She has not been altered in any way, that’s just the way she was born!

venus chimera coloring

#3. Twisted tracks in NZ after an earthquake

twisted tracks in nz after earthquake

#4. This isn’t a guy jumping to his death – just a cool photo shoot!

stunt boat

#5. No giant pizza slice sitting atop the Earth here. But someone did actually send this slice of pizza into space!

space pizza

#6. Salt flats in Bolivia!

salt flat in bolivia

#7. These people aren’t giants…they were just sitting atop a rock and perfect timing happened!


#8. These deformed looking trees are totally real. They’re actually located in Poland and get that way due to extreme weather.

polish trees

#9. This plane isn’t landing on the highway…but the airport is located right behind the highway giving this eerie illusion.


#10. Amazing optical illusion art in a home.

optical illusion art

#11. This hasn’t been altered in any way. It’s simply a great marketing ad just as you see it!

marketing win

#12. Insanely creepy lava formation.


#13. This gymnast DOES have a head…it’s just bend behind her body – no photo shop!


#14. This is real too – just a German magician who does street stunts like this all the time.

german magician

#15. Amazing cross wave patterns that does happen occasionally.

cross waves

#16. Construction art

construction art

#17. This guy isn’t actually biking on water. The picture just happened to be taken at the perfect time.

biking on water

#18. Meet the human Barbie. She had plastic surgery done in order to look like an actual Barbie. Creepy.


#19. A cool art installation in NZ.

art installatin nz

#20. An abstract tarp was placed over a building during the construction phase. Crazy!

abstract tarp

#21. These waves were not photo shopped. There was just a ton of sea weed!

wave with weeds

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