21 Weird & Useless Inventions You Need in Your Life Right Now!

By | September 15, 2014

Where have these been my entire life?!

#1. Trongs – finger food utensil

trongs finger food utensil

#2. USB pen

usb pen

#3. Wall spike hangers

wall spike hangers

#4. Air conditioned shoes – YES PLEASE

air conditioned shoes

#5. Baby stroller scooter

baby stroller scooter

#6. Car pet compartment

car pet compartment

#7. Cardboard Bicycle

cardboard bycicle

#8. Doggy baby bjorn

doggy baby bjorn

#9. Doggy high chair

doggy high chair

#10. Duck billed muzzle

duck billed muzzle

#11. Heat alert dog collar

heat alert dog collar

#12. Light fueled by dog waste

light fueled by dog waste

#13. Light-up leash

lightup leash

#14. Light-up slippers

lightup slippers

#15. Obelisk patio set

obelisk chairs

#16. Pet and owner rocking chair

pet and owner rocking chair

#17. Pet video chat

pet video chat

#18. Puppy raincoat

puppy raincoat

#19. Shower microphone

shower microphone

#20. Swiss army bathroom compartment

swiss army bathroom

#21. Toilet paper holder iPod deck

toilet paper holder ipod deck

Which was your favorite invention? I must say, I was quite fascinated by the air conditioned shoes. Now if they could only make them a little more appealing. Don’t forget to share with your friends on Facebook by clicking the button below 🙂