22 Amazing Bus Stops That You’ll Actually Want to Wait At

By | August 27, 2014

Bus stops…are now exciting.

#1. Salvaged school bus stop in Atlanta

salvaged school bus stop atlanta

#2. Scale of Shame in Amsterdam

scale of shame amsterdam

#3. Skateboard stop in Denmark

skateboard stop denmark

#4. Vertical garden stop in Netherlands

vertical garden stop netherlands

#5. Amazing Whale Jaw in Holland

amazing whale jaw holland

amazing whale jaw holland2

#6. Bus Home in California

bus home california

#7. Bus stop symbiosis in Portugal

bus stop symbiosis portugal

bus stop symbiosis portugal2

#8. Bus typography in Baltimore


#9. Candle snuffer in Estonia

candle snuffer estonia

#10. Concrete loop in Spain

concrete loop spain

concrete loop spain2

#11. Dust busters in Dubai

dust busters dubai

#12. Giant fruits bus stops in Japan

giant fruits bus stop japan

giant fruits2

giant fruits3


#13. Glass bus stop in Chile

glass bus stop chile

#14. Ikea bus stops in Paris and New York

ikea bus stop paris and ny

ikea bus stop paris and ny2

#15. Lego bus stop in London

lego bus stop london

lego bus stop london2

#16. Macbook Air swing – location unknown

macbook air swing location unknown

#17. Minimalist and abstract bus stop in Australia

minimalist and abstract austria

#18. Oven bus stop in Minnesota

oven minnesota

#19. Psychedelic soviet bus stop in Russia

psychedelic soviet bus stop russia

psychedelic soviet bus stop russia2

psychedelic soviet bus stop russia3

#20. Recycled bottle stop in Kentucky

recycled bottle stop kentucky

#21. Vertical rods bus stop

rods bus stop

#22. Salvaged door stops in Detroit

salvaged door stops detroit

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