22 Signs That You Love Food Way Too Much And You Need to Seek Medical Help

By | August 19, 2014

Do you have a burning passion for food? Does it consume your life? Can you not even interact with people without thinking about food? Then you might have an issue. Here are 22 signs that you love food way too much and you should seek medical attention. If you’ve done any of the things below, call 911 immediately.

#1. If you’ll eat just about anything when you’re hungry

shell eat anything

#2. If you get angry when you’re not invited for food festivities

starved for company

#3. If you’re involved in a steak heist

steak heist

#4. If you attack people at Taco Bell

taco bell attack

#5. If you have a meltdown like this one

texas meltdown

#6. If you’re like this loco taco

this loco taco

#7. If you use weapons to get your food faster

angry cop

#8. If you steal bacon

bacon thief

#9. If butter boils your bloods

butter not piss her off

#10. If you steal cheese

cheese thief

#11. If you call 911 for this reason

chicken nugget shortage emergency

#12. If you fight over chicken nuggets

chieck nuggets fight

#13. If you fight over crab legs

crab leg fight

#14. If you get upset over Girl Scout cookies

florida woman girl scout cookies

#15. If you do what this guy did

forogt his garlic knots

#16. If you bring a gun to McDonald’s

gun mccdonalds

#17. If you bring a machete to Taco Bell

machete and tacos

#18. If you bring an axe to McDonald’s

mcds axe assault

#19. If you get McFurious

mcfurry man

#20. If you suddenly become a pickle ninja

pickle ninja

#21. If you end up stealing from the Piggly Wiggly

piggly wiggly thief

#22. If you get angry at your kids for eating “your” food

poptart mom

If you, or anyone you know has done any of the above things or show signs of food aggression, please seek immediate help. Otherwise, share with others!