22 Times When Animals Thought They Were Humans

By | May 30, 2014

Oh you silly animals, don’t you know all of these are human activities? No matter! It’s too cute to ignore! Let the awwws flow out of you!

#1. It’s wine o’clock indeed!

wine dog

#2. And today in bear news…

bear newspaper

#3. Just chillin, havin a beer

boxer having a beer

#4. I see yer purrrblem here

cat fixing car

#5. Nothing like a lazy Sunday afternoon

cat hanging out on the patio

#6. More cats pictures…

cat surfing internet

#7. Even cats need to relax after a long day at work!

cat watching tb

#8. His bitch just broke up with him

dog at bar

#9. Hello? This is dog

dog calling

#10. Now THAT’S a hole!

dog digging hole

#11. Weeee!

dog in swing

#12. Nothin’ to see here!

dog in van working

#13. Traffic is ruff

dogs driving

#14. Surfer dudes

dogs surfing

#15. And you just need to water it once a week – should be good then!

hamster watering plants

#16. Now I’m like Sonic!

hedgehog skateboarding

#17. How many kittens does it take to screw in a light bulb?

kitty lightbuln

#18. Ah…to be a cat

kitty spa

#19. Ain’t nothin’ but a panda party!

pandas playing in park

#20. Better stay out of his hair!

porcupine driving

#21. Sloth is ready to learn

sloth at school

#22. Unfortunately, Mr. Dog’s licence was suspended so he had to resort to taking the bus.

subway dog

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