Bad Hair Day? 22 Lazy Hair Hacks

By | March 31, 2014

Having a bad hair day? Check out these 22 lazy hair hacks that’ll save you time and have you looking fabulous!

#1. Separate, tie a knot and voila!

messy knot hairdo

#2. Save time on drying and styling with a hot airbrush

hot airbrush

#3. Yes this does exist – a hands-free hair dryer!

hands-free hairdrier

#4. A half-done braid works great on unwashed hair

half done braid

#5. Tame pesky flyaways using an old toothbrush and hair spray


#6. Wrap your hair around a headband in just 10 seconds flat!

elastic band hair wrap

















#7. Don’t have time to wash your hair in the morning? Use a dry shampoo or baby powder on your roots before bed.

dry shampoo the night before













#8. Frequenting the sauna? While in there, apply a deep conditioner to your strands and wrap a towel around your hair

deep condition


#9. Get a full ponytail by placing a butterfly clip underneath your ponytail

butterfly clip












#10. Make your ponytail pop by propping 2 bobby pins underneath

bobby pin ponytail pop

#11. Use a boar bristle brush for shiny, frizz-free hair

boar bristle brush












#12. Do this trick in just a few seconds!

10 second hair

#13. Follow these steps for the perfect office do

work do

#14. Strapped for time? Wet a wash cloth and rub gently on your roots for a quick ‘half-wash’

wet cloth hair clean

#15. Get crazy volume without the work by using big velcro rollers

voluminous hair























































#16. Split, knot, twist, and pin!

updo -slip knot twist pin

#17. Quick twisty bun – works great on unwashed hair!

twisty bun




























#18. Do the tuck and cover!

tuck and cover

#19. Use a spin pin for the perfect bun

spin pins for buns








#20. Get super quick, beautiful curls by putting your hair in a ponytail and then curling

quick curls





































#21. Do a no-pin bun – twist your hair into a bun, lift up a little bit of hair from the side, and tuck the bun under.

no pins tucked bun

#22. And finally, if all else fails and your mane just isn’t cooperating, don a cute turban!


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