20 Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind…#3 REALLY Tripped Me Out! HOLY COW!

By | June 23, 2014

The human brain is an amazing thing. but sometimes even it, can get confused. Optical illusions play tricks on your brain, making you believe something, while in reality, it’s something completely different. Try to look at all of these images in different ways. First, let your brain decide by itself naturally, then, try to concentrate hard and see things a different way. This is a GREAT way to look at things in your real life as well – so don’t forget 🙂

#1. Triangle illusion

triangle illusion

#2. Tricky chair

tricky chair

#3. WTF?!?

trippy road pilons

#4. You could watch this for hours

watch this for hours

#5. T-Rex is watching you from all angles

weird trex

#6. Which way is the dancer spinning?

which way is the dancer spinning

#7. It’s all about perspective

all about perspective

#8. Banana trick

banana trick

#9. Concentrate hard enough and the train will change directions

concentrate and train will change directions

#10. Just plain crazy!


#11. Creepy mask

creepy mask

#12. It never ends!

forever teacup set

#13. The grey rectangles is one solid color

grey rectangle one solid color

#14. Mobius trip surface

mobius trip surface

#15. Orange circle never changes size

orange circle never changes size

#16. Poor kitty

poor kitty

#17. Squares move at the same speed – watch as background turns grey

squares move at the same speed watch as background turns grey

#18. These squares are also moving at the same speed

squares moving at the same speed

#19. This image isn’t moving at all!

this image isn't moving at all

#20. This image will never end

this image will never end

Did you trip out your brain yet? Don’t forget to share 🙂