22 Pictures of U.S. Presidents When They Were Young

By | February 6, 2017

Have you ever wondered what U.S. presidents looked like when they were young? Well we did and boy did we come up with some exciting photographs! Who knew that so many of America’s great presidents were so good looking? I guess being America’s president really does a toll on you, as we can all see what they ended up looking like! Nonetheless, we’re here to celebrate and commemorate America’s history with 22 pictures of U.S. presidents when they were young. Unfortunately, some of these photographs are quite old, so we don’t know their ages for sure, but we can guess!

In any case, these photographs are proof that these people had lives before committing to the most important scariest job in the world! Hard to believe but it’s true!

22 Pictures of U.S. Presidents When They Were Young

#1. Barack Obama at 18

#2. Theodore Roosevelt at 20

#3. Jimmy Carter at 18

#4. Bill Clinton at 22 and 26

#5. Gerald Ford at 18 and 20

#6. Abraham Lincoln at 30

#7. Richard Nixon at 20

#8. George H. W. Bush at 18

#9. Woodrow Wilson at 19

#10. John F. Kennedy at 20 and 21

#11. Franklin Roosevelt at 18

#12. Ronald Reagan at 29

#13. James Garfield at 16

#14. Calvin Coolidge Between 19 and 23

#15. Rutherford B. Hayes at 30

#16. George W. Bush at 21

#17. Harry Truman at 23 and 22

#18. Dwight Eisenhower at 25 and 29

#19. Lyndon Johnson at 18

#20. George W. Bush at 19

#21. William Mckinley at 21

#22. Herbet Hoover at 25

Image Source: Boredpanda

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