Here Are 23 Reasons That Prove Babies Are Just Tiny Little Drunks

By | July 5, 2014

Have you ever actually watch a baby in its natural habitat? It’s pretty crazy the things they can do. But next time you’re around a baby, take a good, close look and you’ll realize that it’s just like you: when you’re completely wasted! Here’s all the proof you could ever need!

#1. They don’t always make it to the food in time

they dont always make it to the food

#2. They draw on other people’s faces when they’re passed out

they draw on others faces

#3. They’re always hurting themselves

theyre always hurting themselves

#4. Things go wrong for them for no reason

things go wrong for them for no reason

#5. They sleep in uncomfortable positions

uncomfortable sleeping

#6. They will nap anytime and whenever they please – no matter what!

anytime nap

anytime nap2

anytime nap3

anytime nap4

#7. They’re bad at taking pictures

bad at taking pictures

#8. They can’t control their impulses

cant control themselves

#9. They can’t eat properly

cant eat

#10. They have trouble judging distances

cant judge distances

#11. They don’t know how to stop drinking

dont know when to stop drinking

#12. They always have this drunk face

drunk face

#13. They fall asleep on toilets

fall asleep on toilets

#14. They fall asleep with their shoes on

fall asleep with shoes on

#15. They often find themselves stuck

find themselves stuck

#16. They can be found with their heads in the toilet

found with heads in the toilet

#17. They have no shame when it comes to being pantless

no shame to be without pants on

#18. Basically, they have zero shame

no shame

#19. They’re not good around pools

not good around pools

#20. They are not trusted around heavy equipment

not trusted on heavy equipment

#21. They’re obsessed with finding something to eat

obsessed with finding something to eat

#22. They pass out everywhere

pass out everywhere

#23. They act poorly in public

poorly acting in pubic

If you can relate to the “drunk” babies, please share 🙂