23 People Who Really Know How to Flirt – Watch & Learn People

By | August 9, 2014

Flirting online vs flirting in real life are two very different things. Take these next 23 flirt texts for example. None of these would work in real life, but through text…they’re genius!

#1. Sweet nothings

sweet nothings

#2. The alphabet..oh so sexy

the alphabet

#3. Truth telling at its best

truth telling

#4. She was born this way!

born this way

#5. She’s got plenty of assets

butt guy

#6. Compliments are the way to go


#7. Just cutting right to the chase

cut right to the chase

#8. Just go for it!

cut straight to the chase

#9. A declaration of love

declaration of love

#10. After all, dog IS man’s best friend

dog and human kiss

#11. Flirting is in their genes

flirting is in their genes

#12. Grammar tips

grammar tips

#13. A hard to resist offer

hard to resist offer

#14. This helpful person

helpful person

#15. Honesty is the best policy

honesty is the best policy

#16. Proved again here


#17. This person knows what they want

knowing what they want

#18. Very agreeable

passive agressive

#19. World’s most romantic guy

romantic guy

#20. Some serious priorities

serious priorities

#21. Sharing a love for letters

sharing love for letters

#22. Stuck on an island

stuck on an island

#23. Subject change level: expert

subject change

Hopefully you’ve learned a thing or two about flirting and texting. Don’t forget to share the knowledge with your friends 🙂