23 Food Pinstrosities: When Pinterest Ideas Turn Into Nightmares

By | August 6, 2014

Earlier this year, we did a segment called “17 Awesomely Hilarious Pinterest Fails” and it proved to be a hit. To commemorate that hit, we decided to go a little more niche and introduce you to food Pinstrosities. Food Pinstrosities are just that: foods that people tried to replicate from Pinterest and failed miserably. Enjoy!

#1. Bear cookies are a hit!

bear cookies

#2. Bieber burn victim cake

beiber burn victim cake

#3. Buzz Lightyear cake

buzz lightyear cake

#4. Caramel filled apples are a hit!

caramel filled apples

#5. Chick cake pops

chick cake pos

#6. Chocolate covered strawberries NEVER work out!

choc covered strawberry

#7. Cookie monster cupcakes

cookie monster cupcakes

#8. A despicable attempt

despicable attempt

#9. Fruit Turkey is a miss

fruit turkey

#10. Gingerbread house fail

gingerbread house fail

#11. Heart cake is missing said hearts

heart cake

#12. Hedgehog cake is a big fail

hedgehog cake

#13. Nailed it!

lamb cake fail

#14. Pancake batter in ketchup bottle = FAIL

pancake batter in ketchup bottle

#15. Oh the Pinstrosity!

rubber duck cupcakes

#16. Running man gains 100lbs in just 30 minutes!

running man

#17. Shark cupcakes

shark cupcakes

#18. The spaghetti hot-dog thing is a big fail

spaghetti hot dog thing

#19. Splatter cake fail

splatter cake fail

#20. Truffles fail


#21. Waffle iron cookies

waffle iron cookies

#22. Watermelon cake is a HUGE FAIL

watermelon cake

#23. And another watermelon cake fail


If we’ve learned anything from these pinstrosities is that you shouldn’t even try these things – they look hard as hell to begin with! So unless you’re Martha Stewart, stay away! Don’t forget to share 🙂