24 Times The World Became Downright Cruel and Evil Persevered

By | January 30, 2015

Why did this happen? Who is behind all this?

This mastermind

this mastermind

This one-up rewarder

this one-up rewarder

Whoever put this outlet sticker here

this outlet sticker

This very thoughtful person

this thoughtful person

This trickster

this trickster

This word search

this word search

Whoever did this

whoever did this

Whoever left this “slice” of pizza

whoever left this slice of pizza

This genius

genius this

This marshmallow thief

marshmallow thief

The messer

the messer

These diabolical parents

these diabolical parents

These homeowners

these homeowners

This alarm setter

this alarm setter

This anti-piracy expert

this anti piracy expert

This architect

this architect

This carpetless last step

this carpetless last step

This clever thief

this clever thief

This deceitful box of ice cream

this deceitful box of ice cream

This evil, but very clever cat

this evil but clever cat

This evil genius

this evil genius

This forsaken vending machine

this evil vending machine

This hopeful director

this hopeful director

This insurance company

this insurance company

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