25 Kitchen Inventions That You NEED in Your Life…Some Are Kinda Weird Though

By | July 18, 2014

There’s nothing more I love than staying up late and watching infomercials…especially the ones where they show the coolest and latest kitchen gadgets. Anyone with me on this one? Well even if you won’t admit it, you secretly LOVE kitchen gadgets. Some of them are useless, some of them are weird, and most of them you really don’t need. But the WANT is sooo close to the NEED that after you figure it all out, you actually DO need these gadgets!

#1. A toothpick truck for your…toothpicks!

toothpick truck

#2. Some sort of weird mixer which I’m sure you need!

weird mixer

#3. A banana handle so you don’t burn yourself

banana handle

#4. A banana saver so you don’t have to throw out your half eaten banana anymore!

banana saver

#5. A weird looking cherry dicer for that one time in your life you’ll need to dice cherries

cherry dicer

#6. Screw corn on the cob – I want that shit separately!

corn on the cob remover

#7. Custom toast – enough said!

custom toast

#8. Adorable egg yolk separator

egg yolk separator cute

#9. Creepy egg yolk separator

egg yolk separator

#10. Finger fork for those finger foods

finger fork

#11. Hilary Clinton nut cracker – a MUST have!

hilary clinton nut cracker

#12. A juice rocker for those heavy ass jugs so you don’t have to do the lifting yourself

juice rocker

#13. Some sort of weird kitchen gadgets

kitchen gadgets

#14. Knife block head for the super morbid

knife block head

#15. Knife block for the serial killers

knife block

#16. Microwaved bacon thingy – sweet!

microwave bacon

#17. Mr. Penguin tea steeper

mr penguin tea steeper

#18. Pac Man is here to save your hands!

pac man

#19. Cut pizza like a boss every.single.time

pizza boss cut

#20. Automatic potato peeler – because peeling potatoes by hand is for losers!

potato peeler

#21. Sauce maker for those really big Italian families

sauce maker

#22. Cool or scary coffee machine? You decide!

scary coffee machine

#23. Science experiment cooking – not even sure wtf is going on in there

science experiment cooking

#24. S’mores? Yes please!


#25. Automatic spinning fork for when you’re eating spaghetti – because manually spinning your fork is for losers!

spinning fork

Now don’t you just want every single one of these gadgets? Share with your friends and who knows, maybe they’ll gift you one of these awesome gadgets 🙂