26 Ancient Inventions That Never Saw the Light of Day: Thankfully, #21 Never Caught On!

By | March 21, 2014

Great inventors and genius minds are what made today’s incredible technologies possible. These next inventions might have paved the way for some of today’s greatest technologies, but they never really saw the light of day.

#1. A hat that also served as a radio. A radio hat.

radio hat

#2. A turntable linked to a projector

projector linked turntable

#3. A piano for the bedridden. Today, we have the keyboard.

piano for bedridden

#4. A one wheeled motorcycle. Seems kind of dangerous.

one wheeled motorcycle

#5. A newspaper that could be faxed from other cities

newspaper faxes

#6. A car with a net for pedestrians

net car











#7. A windmill that was designed to drain marshy wetlands

marsh windmill

#8. A manual dredger

mannual dredger

#9. Laying-down glasses

laying down glasses

#10. An ice sailboat that was to be used during a hypothetical “ice age”

ice sailboat

#11. An early version of the GPS from 1932

gps from 1932

#12. An expendable trailer

extendable trailer

#13. An electric heated jacket. Where was this invention this past winter??

electric heated jacket

#14. A colt 38 with a camera attached to it. Not very smart!

colt 38 with camera attached

#15. A collapsible footbridge in case of emergencies

collapsable footbridge

#16. Clip-on skates

clip-on skates

#17. A bulletproof glass prototype. Although, I wouldn’t think that would be the safest way to test that.

bulletproof glass prototype 1931

#18. Bike tire flotation devices. You all look swell!

bike tires flotations

#19. A very early version of an all terrain vehicle (ATV)


#20. An amphibious bike – good on land AND water!

amphibious bike

#21. Wooden bathing suits (made so you could float)

wooden bathing suits





















#22. A stroller with a radio hook-up for the baby’s entertainment

stroller with radio

#23. A steam-powered car

steam powered car

#24. Snow storm masks…kinda creepy

snow storm masks

#25. Sight assistance for the blind using sounds

sight assistance

#26. A rubber boat with boots made for sportsmen

rubber boat with boots

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