These 26 Proposals Are So Bad, So Mortifying, And So Cringe-Worthy, It’ll Make You Glad You’re Single

By | September 15, 2014

Did these people consult with NO ONE before they went ahead with these proposals?!?

#1. That is one classy guy!

ring in chicken burger

#2. I hope he baked this cake himself…and it was his first ever, because this is the ugliest frikken cake I have ever seen in my life.

ugly cake proposal

#3. Maybe you should have checked the weather first, hmm?

written in the sky proposal

#4. See? This guy also showed her how dirty their car was too!

written on car door proposal

#5. A group of clever friends you got there!

wrong placements

#6. Nature said NO!

washed out by waves proposal

#7. Dirty stalls? Urine smell? Check and check. It’s perfect for a proposal spot!

bathroom proposal

#8. Screw real flowers! Put that ring on a deep fried onion – she’ll love it!

bloomin onion proposal

#9. Didn’t think this one through too much, did you?

candle proposal

#10. She must REALLY love Church’s chicken. Either that, or he got the wrong church.

churchs chicken proposal

#11. A little bit of Comic Sans font + pictures of your gf in lingerie for all to see = FAIL

comic sans lingerie proposal

#12. The cow’s not the one proposing, right?

cow proposal

#13. Nothing says love like graffiti on her property – her father will be so pleased!

defiling her property proposal

#14. Engagement ring? Bitch please this is 2014. Bring in…the ENGAGEMENT BURGER!

engagement burger

#15. A Facebook proposal for a potentially disastrous outcome.

facebook proposal

#16. This guy got his entire family involved…but I have a feeling that’s not how she envisioned it

family involved proposal

#17. Ghettoest proposal ever.

ghetto proposal

#18. You had ONE JOB!

holding sign the wrong way proposal

#19. Pretty clever, but way too impersonal. TRY AGAIN!

internet connection proposal

#20. Just a mild proposal.

mild sauce taco bell proposal

#21. Nothing like getting proposed to while you’re taking a poop.

on the toilet proposal

#22. Does this girl love Pepsi THAT much? I’m just not sure

pepsi boxes proposal

#23. Again, very classy choice.

pizza proposal

#24. Too bad rose petals don’t have spell check.

rose petals wrong spelling

#25. What if she says no?!

tattoo proposal

#26. He was too lazy to go all the way to her house

text proposal

Well kids, I hope you’ve all learned something from this – do NOT use any of these as proposal ideas! Now share with others so that they may know too 🙂