26 GENIUS Ways To Recycle Old Things…Can’t Wait to Try #24

By | March 25, 2014

Recycling is one of the best and easiest ways you can help our planet stay clean, and what better way than to re-purpose old things that would otherwise see the bottom of a recycling bin! I’ll admit, some of these ideas might be a little hard to achieve (especially by yourself), but you could grab a friend, put some work into it, and really surprise yourself!

#1. Re-purpose an old piano as a really cool bookshelf!

piano shelf

#2. If you happen to come upon yet another old piano, use it as a flower bed for an exquisite yard piece

old piano garden

#3. Use an old ladder as a book shelf – this is genius!

ladder as book shelf

old ladder as book shelf

#4. Grab some old bottles and make beautiful lamps

old bottles as lamps

old bottles

#5. Don’t throw away those old tennis rackets – re-use them as mirrors!

mirror tennis rackets

#6. Re-purpose old hats into chandeliers!

hat lamps

#7. Transform a cheap glove into a cute teddybear

glove into chipmunk

#8. Make your wooden fence beautiful again by placing marbles in the holes (bonus points for extra privacy!)

glass marble fence

#9. Use old folding chairs to organize a closet – amazing!

folding chairs for a closet2

folding chairs for a closet










#10. Transform an old drum set into a chandelier

drumset chandalier

#11. Create guitar picks using old credit cards (or any tough plastic!)

create guitar picks

#12. Use toilet paper rolls to organize your cords

cord organization with toilet paper tubes













#13. Don’t throw away that old computer tower – use it as a cool mailbox!

computer tower mailbox

#14. Use a CD case as a bagel holder!

cd case bagel holder

#15. Use your favorite cassette player as a coin purse.

cassette tape as a coin purse

#16. Transform bottle caps into adorable little tea lights

bottle caps into tealights

bottle caps into teaclights2

#17. Cut an old bathtub in half and make into a couch (this one might be a little tricky!)

bathtub couch

#18. So long boring sinks! Check THIS out!

bicycle sink

#19. Put those wine bottles to good use and make a cool chandelier out of them!

wine bottles chandelier

#20. Re-purpose old wrenches into hooks

wrench hooks

#21. Take a vintage suitcase and turn it into a really neat chair

suitcase for a chair


suitcase for a chair2





suitcase for a chair3

#22. Turn an old TV into an aquarium (also a little tricky to do, but if you’ve got time why not!)

tv aquarium

#23. Take burnt out light bulbs and turn them into really neat oil lamps

used lightbulbs

#24. Make a really cool lamp using a glue gun and plastic spoons

spoon lamp

spoon lamp2























spoon lamp3
























#25. Save can tabs and use your imagination – you can pretty much make anything out of these!

pop tabs2

pop tabs3

#26. Use old skateboards to make a cute picnic table

picnic table skateboards

picnic table skateboards2

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