Here Are the 26 Most Laziest People on the Planet…But They’re Also Geniuses Too!

By | July 10, 2014

They say to work smart, not hard. And I’m pretty sure these people took that meaning to the next level. Not only are they not working, but they are taking easy, mundane, every day things that you and I do, to a different meaning. These people are so lazy that they’ve made the cut for the world’s laziest people.

#1. Because it’s too much work to even extend your arm

too lazy to touch ipod with hand

#2. We all know that feeling too well

too lazy to turn off light

#3. At least it’s cheaper than a canoe!

cheaper than a canoe

#4. Cooking made easy

cooking on a chair

#5. Garbage jenga!

garbage jenga

#6. Sure you can!

iron clothes while wearing them

#7. Lazy lantern


#8. Now THIS is something else!

laying down with tv

#9. Laziness level: 100

lazy bird riding another bird

#10. This guy is a genius!

long straw

#11. No time to wash plate…too hungry!

no time to wash plate

#12. Organized laziness

organized laziness

#13. Pumping gas out of a window is safe right?

pumping gas out of window

#14. And the bed will never be made this way!

pup in made bed

#15. Because you know…putting socks on is really hard

putting socks on

#16. The lazy way to read – I LOVE it!

reading while laying down glasses

#17. Why even bother installing the chair when it comes with a perfectly good sitting box?

sitting on boxed chair

#18. Screw the sheets! Too sleepy for that!

sleeping on bare bed

#19. Laziness level: genius

taking trash out with car

#20. Talking on the phone can be sooo exhausting!

talking on the phone is exhuasting

#21. Tanning and drinking at an expert level

tanning and drinking

#22. So close…yet so far

toilet paper in boxes

#23. No time to wash dishes, too thirsty!

too lazy to get a cup

#24. Too lazy to get dressed

too lazy to get dressed

#25. Now THAT gets on my nerves!

too lazy to throw stuff in the garbage

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