#RelationshipGoals: 25 Couples Who Know The Secret to a Lasting Relationship

By | July 20, 2014

Relationships take hard work, compromise, and of course, love. If we don’t nurture what we have and if we don’t cherish one another, we’ll end up in a bed with a box of chocolates crying ourselves to sleep. So I think I speak for everyone when I say that these next couples are doing it right!

#1. The way to anyone’s heart is ALWAYS pizza

the way to the heart is pizza

#2. And of course bacon – you can never forget bacon

bacon love

#3. It’s always important to be silly – no matter what your ages

being silly

#4. Compromise is what keeps couples together

castaway costume compromise

#5. And that love can come from the strangest places

cold chicken nuggest strange love

#6. And with the strangest of creatures

dining with cat

#7. Even when you’re still messed up, you think about your SO

drugs and love

#8. It’s the little things that count

drunk snack

#9. Remember to always have fun even when doing mundane things

grocery shopping couple

#10. And let your spouse be who they are

independent couple

#11. Little gestures can mean the world

its the little things

#12. Mac n Cheese love is real

mac n cheese love

#13. Now THIS is true love

matching shirts

#14. Love and humor go hand in hand

nick cage sweet dreams

#15. No matter how old you are, it’s important to stay close

old love

#16. And it’s also important to make room for fun

old people cart fun

#17. Make sure you set relationship goals

pizza in bed

#18. And that you carefully listen to your partner’s wants and needs

rainbow unicorn

#19. Nothing says forever like riding a Segway together

segway couple

#20. A sexy surprise is always a must

sexy surprise

#21. And sharing is caring

sharing is caring

#22. Make sure you don’t loose your significant other!

shirt buddy system

#23. Take funny pictures

spaghetti photos

#24. Teamwork is very important


#25. Spice up your lives!

the hunger games

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