27 Brilliant Gadgets That You Need In Your Life Right Now! Once You See These, You Won’t be Able to Live Without Them

By | August 28, 2014

I had no idea these inventions existed, but suddenly…I feel like I can’t live without them.

#1. Silicone pull tabs for your oven

silicone pull tabs for oven

#2. Smartphone door lock

smartphone door lock

#3. To-do tattoo

todo tattoo

#4. USB sticks to go

usb sticks to go

#5. Water bottle to hold your valuables

water bottle for valuables

#6. Water bottle watering can

water bottle watering can

#7. Wine sippy cups for adults

wine sippy cups

#8. Alarm clock that displays your entire day

alarm clock displaying your whole day

#9. Bird feeder with built-in camera

bird feeder with built in camera

#10. Book holder

book holder

#11. Smart cooler. Comes with pitcher, bottle opener, blender, and phone charger

bottle opener, blender, phone charger cooler

#12. Charges your phone while burning wood!

charges phone while burning wood

#13. Double snack dish for eating olives and/or pistachios

double snack dish olives pistachios

#14. Egg yolk separator

egg yolk separator

#15. Glowing toilet bowl so you’ll never miss at night

glowing toilet bowl

#16. Guitar chime door bell

guitar chime doorbell

#17. Guitar pick maker

guitar pick maker from old credit cards

#18. Highlighter that lets you see what you’re highlighting


#19. Mouse hole power outlet cover

mouse hole power outlet cover

#20. Oil lamp that projects a tree

oil lamp that projects a tree

#21. Onesie that monitors baby’s vitals and sends information to your smartphone

onesie that monitors babys vitals

#22. Password protected USB stick

passport protected usb stick

#23. Personal icecream padlock

personal icecream padlock

#24. Portable roof rack shower

portable roof rack shower

#25. Coin purse that looks like a rock

rock looking coin purse

#26. Self heating butter knife

self heating butter knife

#27. Self rotating spaghetti fork

self rotating spaghetti fork

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