After Seeing These 27 Pictures, You’ll Cringe HARD

By | July 22, 2014

Tempting fate is NOT something you should do, EVER. People often taken very dangerous risks and try to see how far they can really go, but sometimes, that can end in disaster. These next pictures are of people tempting their fate or just doing something really weird and creepy…you’ll see why!

#1. I guess WalMart is getting ready for Black Friday…but that looks dangerous!

walmart black friday

#2. Allll the way through…ouch

all the way through

#3. Sir…you’re just asking for it!

asking for it

#4. You chose a BAD day for biking

bad day for biking

#5. Bees…bees everywhere – I guess I’ll stay inside forever


#6. I can only imagine what happens after..

bike crash

#7. And that’s what happens when you let your kids use the dishwasher

bubble dishwasher

#8. This definitely can’t end well

cant end well

#9. Hmm..I don’t remember parking that there

car in water

#10. Now what?!?

car keys broke

#11. Haha – you hit a cop car!

cop car hit

#12. Slow dooowwwn!

crazy car

#13. Crazy stunts are NEVER a good idea!

crazy stunt

#14. A death machine I’m guessing?

death machine

#15. Dog, you did not choose a suitable opponent

dog and wolf fight

#16. Well I guess everyone has bad days

electronic in washer

#17. How in the world does THAT happen?!

golf kart on fire

#18. Highway danger

highway danger

#19. Oh dear god!

horse accident

#20. Run dog ruuunn

horse hunting dog

#21. See? I knew we’d get to use the kayak someday!

kayak in house

#22. This is a freaking nightmare


#23. Ninja photobomb!

ninja bomb

#24. Is it safe for the plane to be flying so low??? Probably not

plane flying close

#25. Ok then…I think I’ll leave the water


#26. I can’t even imagine the pain


#27. Romantic moment cut short in 3…2…1!

tidal wave

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